Quest Protein Bar Review

If you haven’t heard of the Quest Bars, they are pretty big in the protein world, but when I search for a meal replacement bar and end up at a site titled, this probably isn’t going to be the site for me. Let’s take a close look at what we thought in the breakdown.

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Price – 8/10

A box of 12 Quest Protein Bars will run you about $35, which means you’re pretty much paying $3 per bar. That’s definitely a bit higher than we would like, but not too terrible. Let’s see what we get for that price:

Core Nutrition – 18/25

Well with only 1 gram of sugar, and 20 grams of protein this shake is definitely going to score high on nutrition. The sodium could be better at 240mg and the 240 calories per serving. A lot of that comes from the protein, but 150 calories from fat is way too high. 17 Grams of fat per serving means this is definitely formulated for someone doing some vigorous exercising.

Additional Benefits – 14/20

There’s some good Iron in these bars (20% of your RDI) but that looks to be pretty much it on the additional vitamins and minerals. There’s a little Magnesium and Phosphorus and some calcium but in pretty small amounts. All in all we’re not seeing the antioxidants and the vitamins and minerals to make up for actually missing a meal.

Taste – 16/20

After jumping the tracks for the cranberry review of the Special K bars, we decided it would be easier if we tried the same flavor for most of the bars. Back to peanut butter cup for us! These taste pretty good, but they definitely have the same kind of aftertaste that you get with other protein bars like PowerBar. Thee consistency wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for either. Some of us liked it, and nobody really hated it. All in all, a big ol’ shrug on the flavor.

Appetite Suppressant – 16/25

The consistency helps you feel like you’re eating something dense. This is good because you’re certainly not getting that feeling from reading the label. With only 3 grams of fiber and mostly whey protein Isolate, this bar is meant to be eaten right before a workout and burned quickly. Not much there to keep you feeling satisfied for long periods of time. Which is definitely something we felt when we tested it as a group.

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  1. Mandy says

    You should try their Chocolate Brownie protein bar. They’re only 170 calories per serving and have a much better core nutrition than their peanut butter cups.

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